The first steps…

To access our food bank services, we require a referral to be made on your behalf from one of a wide range of professionals.

Other services that we offer are available to anyone and can be accessed as a self-referral.

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The food bank

A wide range of professionals can make a referral to the food bank e.g. GPs, social workers, church leaders, Job Centre officers etc.

To make a referral email us using the link above, and our Food Bank Manager, Jacqui, will send you a short, easy to complete referral form.

our Job Club

For people who would like to take steps towards employment the Job Club is an excellent bridge. This free 8 week course, run in partnership with CAP, builds up participants’ self confidence, highlights their strengths and abilities, helps them with CV writing skills and interview techniques. The Job Club has an excellent track record and the majority of participants who have completed the course secure employed positions, voluntary work or are accepted on to educational courses. One participant commented “It changed my life.”

A self referral can be made to Karen via the link above.

the debt centre

Debt can feel like a heavy, crushing weight. Here at Hope Central’s CAP Debt Centre we are committed to lightening the load and lifting the weight of debt. The CAP Debt Centre accepts self referrals on 0800 328 0006.

However if you are supporting someone struggling with debt contact Barney our Debt Centre Manager for further advice.

our money course

Budgeting, saving and spending well are key elements for financial stability. If you know anyone who would benefit from attending this free three week Money Course, run in partnership with CAP, then check out our ‘latest course’ dates and make a self referral, via email.

our Life Skills Course

Making money go further is a skill everyone can benefit from, especially people who are on a tight budget. The Life Skills course is a friendly, free eight week course where practical skills such as how to eat well on a budget are explored.

To make a self referral, please do email us.

the Fresh Start Course

When addictions and controlling habits get the better of us it can be hard to break free. Everyone deserves a fresh start, and this free course will help you to gain control.

For more information contact us using the link above.