We’re here to help

Here at Hope Central we don’t want anyone to go hungry. We understand that circumstances such as illness, loss of job and family breakdown may lead to poverty, and can contribute to money being very tight and people finding themselves short of food.

The increase in the cost of living and the impact of Covid have hit many people hard. If you need an emergency food parcel please contact a professional who knows your circumstances.This could be a GP, Job Centre officer, community nurse, social worker, teacher, health visitor etc. We accept referrals from a wide range of professionals. Once they have completed the referral form we will provide you with a food parcel.

How our food bank works

Food is donated

We rely on the generosity of our local community – churches, schools, community groups and individuals, as well as supermarkets and businesses, to provide food donations.

Food is sorted

Hope Central’s volunteers sort the food and check that it is in date ready to be packed into emergency food hampers.

Food is packed

Emergency food parcels are made up by our volunteers and provide 3 days worth of food for the household. This will include food for breakfast, lunch and tea as well as essential toiletries.

Food referrals

Professionals refer people in need of a food parcel to Hope Central. There are a wide range of professionals who are able to make these referrals including housing officers, GPs, Job Centre officers, church leaders, social workers, teachers etc.

Food delivery

Volunteers deliver the emergency food hamper to people’s homes or they are collected from our Hope Centres.

Food is not the end

Here at Hope Central we are passionate about helping people to address the root causes of their poverty. We know that there are often several complicated and difficult reasons and circumstances as to why people are referred to a food bank. We hope that our other services will support people to get back on their feet.